Additive Masterbatches

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical Brightener Masterbatch Is also called Fluorescent Whitening agents.These Masterbatches are added in polymers to reduce yellowing, improved whiteness, andto enhance the brightness of a product. These Masterbatches work via a luorescent mechanism which absorbs light in the UV spectrum and emits light in the blue region of visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance. The tendency of many Plastic materials to yellow is due to degradation by UV or visible light/Processing. The breakdown products absorb blue light, giving a yellow appearance in daylight. They work via a luorescent mechanism, absorbing light in the UV spectrum and emitting it in the blue range of the visible spectrum, resulting in a brighter, fresher appearance. Optical Brightener Masterbatch will actually appear brighter than the light which strikes them with such qualities; it is not surprising that Optical Brightener Masterbatch are found in numerous applications. Molded thermoplastic for all type of Film, sheets.

UV Masterbatch
  • It is highly effective performance Masterbatch which available with concentration of 10 % & 20 %
  • UV Stabilizer Masterbatches do not absorb the harmful UV radiations.
  • Sulphur resistant 3rd generation UV masterbatches for agri films, PP/HDPE ropes etc. are available.
  • Contains high performance HALS TYPE UV stabilizer (HILITE-77) & It Based on unique HALS type active ingredients.
  • Recommended dosage from 1 % to 5 % & PE - Base carrier resin. also It helps to provide perfect UV resistence even in the presence of strong insecticides & Pesticides. Provides longer service life and / or reduced cost.

Slip Masterbatch

Slip additives are added to reduce the surface coefficient of friction of polymers and are used to enhance either processing or end applications. High and low level slip additives are available and immediate and slow acting performance can be engineered into the Masterbatch.
Small amounts of slip additives not only enhance the “hand” of film, but also aid in process ability. It can be effective in enhancing mold release properties. It has been recommended for the film, sheet, injection Moulding and others applications.